Wave Zone Surge 45" Skimboard

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The Surge skim board is designed for buoyancy. This buoyancy allows for better wave riding.  

The board holds its own in larger breaks and responds quickly to stance adjustments. With a thicker core, this board is engineered for more buoyancy.

Shape: The Surge has a wider nose that gives the rider the feeling of more board under their feet. Expect lift, buoyancy, and maneuverability such as wraps, pivots, and spins.

Suggested weight limit:  Riders up to 160 lbs.

Skill Level: Physically Larger Beginner to Experienced/Advanced

Construction:  High density, level 3 pvc foam core with reinforcement points and double poly wrapped rails. Individually hand crafted in the USA.

Art:  All boards are individually hand crafted so no two boards are completely identical. Graphics are assorted.