NSP Hydrofoil Airwave FW 1250 "Swept" - with bag

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Built for speed – with a thinner profile, a surface of just 1250cm, and a width of 70cm this is one of the fastest foils in the NSP quiver. Its swept shape helps control at high speed, especially while carving through hard turns.

Loose and highly sensitive to rider input, this is the NSP wing for advanced foilers. String up a series of drawn-out turns and hunt down the next wave with a serious speed envelope. Designed to be usefully unstable, its upside-down curve gives you roll instability. This allows you to initiate any curve or line with minimal effort.

The FW 125 Pro Front Wing weighs 1.1kg and is best used for surf foiling, wing-, kite foiling, and wake surfing, as long as it is in a big wake.