About Us

Aloha and welcome to Plaia Shop! We're a 2nd generation business that's been riding the tides of the surfing world for over four decades. We're more than just a surf
shop - we're a part of surfing history, a testament to the passion for the ocean that courses through our veins.

Our journey began in the mid-80s when Jero Sr, our founder, opened Scuba and Surf Shop, one of the pioneering forces of surfing in Panama. Our shop was the first to introduce Channel Island and Spectrum surfboards to the local market, ushering in a new wave of surf culture that took the nation by storm.

In the face of adversity, we evolved. Following the 1989
invasion, we shifted our focus to B2B distribution, bringing
the best surf equipment to surf shops far and wide. Our
commitment to the surfing community remained unshaken.

Fast forward to 2001, and we came back to retail and opened the doors to Surfland Surf Shop. Our partnership with Lost Surfboards became a major milestone. We even brought one of their top shapers, Darryl Butsko, to craft boards locally, creating a ripple of success that saw nearly 20% of
all surfboards "in the water" being Lost branded.

You know, there are moments that just stick in your memory like a perfect wave. One of those times for us? The epic "Maui & Sons Pro" surf contest back in 2004 at Rio Mar beach.

Oh, man, what a blast! We joined forces with Maui and created the biggest local surf contest our little slice of paradise had seen in the last 30 years - and counting!

Surfers from all over the country rolled in, the beach was buzzing, and the waves... were not great. Even in small surf, the event was a testament to our love for surfing and community. It's what we're all about - good vibes, gnarly waves, and unforgettable times!

It Was About That Time That We Started Our Relationship With
Surftech and NSP, But More About That in a Minute.

The new millennium also saw us catch the wave of the rising SUP trend, expanding our catalog and strengthening relationships with leading brands like NSP, JP Australia, Bote, Imagine, and Starboard. Our success in this area led to the creation of a separate venture, Panama SUP Co., which became another thriving chapter in our journey.

When the 2020s rolled around, along with that wild ride we all know as the Covid era, it was like the universe shouted, "Surf's up, online!" So, we did what any surf-loving crew would do - we launched Plaia Shop, our 100% online surf and SUP store. Our mission? To hook our community
up with the raddest boards around, at prices that won't wipe out your wallet, all while dodging the local limited stock and those gnarly shipping costs from U.S. retailers. That's when we teamed up with the legends at Surftech. Thanks to them, we're stoked to bring you the biggest brands and best quality boards the surfing world has to offer. Epic, right?

Then, in April 2021, we thought, "Why not kick it old school?" and we opened up a cool physical showroom. This was not a move away from our digital presence, but an extension of it. Picture this - a place where you can roll in, get your hands on our boards, feel the grip of the accessories, drink a beer and just hang with our stoked team in person. Yeah, it's that kind of place!

Today, we stand as a dedicated hub for surfboards, SUP boards, land-paddle, body boards and their essential accessories.
We don't stock clothing or shoes - we're all about the boards and the thrill of the ride. We're proud to bring you top-tier brands, all at U.S. retail prices.

These include Haydenshapes, Firewire, Channel Islands (by Al Merrick), Sharpeye, NSP, Gerry Lopez, AIPA, Walden, Slater Designs, Octopus, Dakine, Ocean and Earth, BlockSurf, among others.

But our mission goes beyond selling boards. We strive to ignite your passion for surfing and provide the best possible experience. Whether you're a
beginner dipping your toes in the water or a pro ready to carve up the waves, we're here to support your journey with the right gear.

As we continue to ride the wave of success, we're fueled by our commitment to provide the best for our surfing community, not just in Panama, but across Latin America.

So, come join us on this ride because at Plaia Shop, we're all about making every day a great day to surf.

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