Komunity Bullseye 1 Piece Traction Pad Deck

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The Komunity Project Bullseye Tail Pad gives you style similar to Kelly Slater’s signature design. Similar to Kelly’s pad the traction pattern is a sealed multi-nub texture. This means that the grip takes on minimal water so remains super light and the multi-sized ridges give traction no matter what angle your foot is placed. The pad is super thin with no arch so is completely flat. This gives great sensitivity. When you push on the pad your board will be super responsive. Kelly and many surfers favor this format. It also helps for moving and placing your foot as there’s no arch bar obstruction. So you get assistance for heel and toe surfing and moving forward to setup a barrel.  The grip is all one piece so there’s no side or center pieces to expand to move around. It would be important to make sure this pad will fit on your board width ways.

The Komunity Project Bullseye Tail Pad has a 20mm kick to plant your foot against. This kick is quite small however this provides a benefit in that you can place your foot on it for big late takeoffs or landing airs. A vee incut at the pad rear means you can place this grip closer to the end of your board, around your leg rope plug. So your back foot can be placed right over your back fin giving maximum drive. High quality 3M adhesive keeps the pad in place. The pad is super light and will give you high performance surfing.


  • Color: Black
  • 360mm long
  • Lightech traction pad
  • Elevated square traction grip
  • 3M premium adhesive
  • 11X boost tail kick (hi-density EVA)
  • One piece pad


Designed and tested by founder, 11 X world champion Kelly Slater. Crafted for precision and durability. Engineered for performance and progression. Every detail of Komunity's line is built to protect, respond, control and explore.