NSP PUMA 14'0" Pro Carbon Race SUP

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A flat deck board suited for all paddlers, in all conditions.
Athletes who prefer a conventional shape over a recessed cockpit race the NSP Puma. The most versatile and user-friendly board in the NSP range, the PUMA Pro Carbon shares its bottom and rocker line with the latest Carolina, improving stability at equal width and significant improvements in speed.

Originally designed for beach racing, the Puma has evolved into a very capable downwind- and flat-water board.

Increased stability over previous models, with the same width as last year’s design, will let you come racing on top every time. Whether it’s a crowded buoy turn, a difficult beach break, or a demanding sprint; stability is everything.

If you want to kick-turn easy, if you want to play in the waves, if you want to downwind and you love flat-deck race shapes, the NSP Puma is for you.

Puma Pro Carbon Design:

The Puma boards share a rocker line with the latest and greatest Carolina Pro Carbon race board, giving racers that extra stability and speed that will get you to the finish faster.

Puma Pro Carbon Fins:

Our world-class Surf Race 20 is the more appropriate fin for beach racing, buoy racing and the ability to pull off consistent kick turns in the middle of a race or in Traviss words; “It’s the fin better suited for turning and surfing.”

Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
12'6" 23" Flat Deck 236.8L
14'0" 22" Flat Deck 265L
14'0" 23" Flat Deck 272.6L
14'0" 24.5" Flat Deck 288.4L
14'0" 26" Flat Deck 297.5L
14'0" 27.5" Flat Deck 313.2L