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The Code Fusion Dual-Core features more volume, which along with the Dual-Core allows for easy paddling and increased wave count. A single concave under the front foot allows for punchy drive on takeoffs and the double concave blending to a vee provides lift and easy rail- to-rail transitions.



Channel Island’s team rider and 1977 World Champ Shaun Tomson, collaborated with Surftech on this design for the young at heart that craves a performance, board but still wants to get the most out of the average waves they often find themselves riding.

Fusion Dual-Core utilizes the lightest and strongest EPS core on the market to create a lively and buoyant center, while the PU foam inserts on the rails combined with the pop-flex stingers give you and natural feel and response. Made in Thailand.

Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
5'10" 19.3" 2.6" 31.4L
6'2" 19.8" 2.8" 35.6L
6'4" 20" 2.9" 38.7L
6'7" 20.6" 3" 43L
6'10" 21" 3.1" 47.6L

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