Sun Cure 1oz POLYESTER Fiberfill Mini Kit w/Sandpaper Surfboard Repair

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  • Convenient Instant Repair Kit: The Sun Cure Kit is the super convenient way and faster method for polyester ding repairs. This compact kit comes with an applicator and can easily be an addition to your backback or boardbag.
  • Superior Product: Sun Cure is a non-yellowing, fiber-fill polyester resin. The Sun Cure Polyester Resin comes mixed with fiberglass to add strength and workability to the resin. It requires no mixing or adding cloth and can be used at all temperatures. Once cured this Sun Cure product provides a tack free surface which can be easily sanded, polished, or painted.
  • Expose Repair to Sun: In the shade, apply the needed amount of Sun Cure and once the repair is done expose the repair to sun for cure in minutes. In bright sun: Gel 15 seconds, Ful Cure: 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Instant Solution: Sun Cure is an instant solution to prevent water soaking into your board which is super important. This compact kit lets you keep it on hand to apply immediately as needed. Sun Cure cleans up with acetone.
  • Sun Cure Kit: The kit includes 1- oz. tube of Sun Cure Polyester Resin, Sanding Pad (2 grade - 80 + 120 grit), 3 Applicators, 2 Mylar Coversheets and Tape stickers.