PRYDE SUP & Longboard Pivot fin - 10 inch

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  • Designed for SUP boards or surfboards.
  • Superior Nylon plastic materials so that can bear water pressure and UV.
  • One piece per set.
  • Length:9" -- Fin screw is NOT included.

This Pivot Fin with very little flex is your standard go-to fin-shape for nose riding. You can recognize this fin by it's full, vertical outline with a wide base. It's designed to slow you down a little and help keeps the tail further in the water while you're up on the nose. You can also still step on the tail and pivot (swing) the board around in a relatively tight radius.

  • TOURING FIN 9" : for US Box / center box, fin screw not included with this fin
  • SUITABLE FOR most longboard / (stand up paddle) SUP / airSUP / Air7 Fin Box / US Fin box / Center fin Box / river SUP / Race / Cruise / downwinder - contact us anytime if you are unsure if this fin will fit your board
  • GOOD CHOICE FOR : replacement or alternative when you end your expensive board to friends! also good for hire / resort / school
  • HARD NYLON PLASTIC almost as hard as fiberglass but much cheaper and lighter.