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PRYDE Medium Quad Nylon 4-fin set - Futures, FCS or FCSII

  • QUAD FINS fit any surfboard that uses Futures, FCS or FCSII fins - whether it's a shortboard, funboard, longboard or SUP.
  • BALANCED FIN TEMPLATE is suited for all types of waves. Drive down the line on a fast pointbreak, launch aerials (if you're that talented), sneak into a barrel, or just rip some turns at your local beachbreak.
  • Nylon construction.
  • A more affordable option than our fiberglass honeycomb surfboard fins, without much loss in performance.

Fin Specs/Dimensions:
G5 Medium Template
Base: 4.23" (107mm)
Depth: 4.53" (115mm)
Sweep: 33°
Foil: Flat Inner

GL Template
Base: 3.3" (84mm)
Depth: 3.6" (92mm)
Foil: Both sides (50/50)

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