PRYDE 1-piece Cut-to-Length SUP Carbon Fiber Paddle

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With a carbon fiber shaft and blade, this lightweight one-piece SUP paddle is a great addition or replacement for your paddle board or inflatable board. This paddle allows proper sizing to the paddler - just cut the shaft to the desired length and attach the included handle.


This standup paddleboard paddle looks and feels great nestled into your hands for leisurely trips on calm waters, excursions or adrenaline pumping surf sessions. Made from durable, yet lightweight carbon fiber, this PRYDE Watersports SUP paddleboard paddle is the perfect companion for water enthusiasts of all skill levels. But weight isn’t the only advantage. Its custom 1-piece design makes it easy to adjust it to fit your body type and paddling preference, thanks to it's Cut-to-Length shaft.

  • Total Length: up to 86"

  • Weight: 18-21 oz (depending on location of cut)

  • Blade Dimensions: 21″ L × 8.5″ W

  • Blade Shape: Convex Carbon Fiber Blade

  • Shaft: Carbon Fiber