NSP Paddle Allround 86 Hybrid 2 Piece Adjustable

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The 2pc Allrounder Carbon Hybrid adjustable paddle (2pc Allrounder in short), with an 86 sqi blade, offers the perfect performance.

2pc Allrounder Adjustable 86 Specs:

With a length of 170cm right up to 212cm, it easily adjusts to paddlers of all sizes. Combined with the Speedster racing blade, racers will benefit from a quick and precise catch.

  • The parallel edge outline of the blade also helps release, allowing for a faster motion through the water.
  • “Hybrid” refers to the mix of carbon and fiberglass used in the production of the blade.
  • Speedster blades are perfect for sprint racing, downwind runs, and long-distance paddling.

Two-piece Carbon Hybrid Adjustable 86 design:

  • Blade Area: 86 sqm or 555cm²
  • Shaft Length: 170 – 212 cm
  • Shaft/blade angle 10°
  • HDC CNC cut PVC Core, lightweight with minimal resin
  • shaft: 29mm
  • Adjustable performance clamp

30% carbon and adjustable

Weighing just 750 grams, the two-piece allround carbon hybrid adjustable 86 offers performance and adjustability at a great price point.