Kahuna Creations Classic Road Pro Grip Attachment (Includes 2 Donuts)

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The Kahuna Creations product development team created the NEW Pro Grip Attachment with performance, feel and fun in mind for longboarding and landpaddling.  The Pro Grip Attachment for the Kahuna Big Stick is made of a Ballistic Polycarbonate Compound and the Pro Grips are made of vulcanized rubber to get the best grip on the road. The Pro Grips are soft enough to allow a smooth stroke and is not at all jarring on the body. The Pro Grip Attachement is also strong enough to endure intense longboard and landpaddling sessions.

The Pro Grips can be pulled off and rotated if flat spots ever develop. However, wear on the Pro Grip is usually extremely minimal unless the rider uses the Kahuna Big Stick as a break.

  • Engineered with New Ballistic Polycarbonate Compound
  • Grips are made of vulcanized rubber for a soft and durable grip
  • Retrofits to all previous Kahuna Big Stick models