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Firewire Slater Designs FRK Ibolic - Futures


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Model: FRK. A timeless collaboration between Kelly Slater and master shaper Dan Mann.

Ability: Intermediate to advanced surfers.

Type of waves: Chest-high to double-overhead walls and bowls.

Fin setup: Five-fin Tab

Construction: Kelly describes the I-Bolic, saying: “Instead of a standard stringer from wood, I-Bolic uses an I-beam and high density foam on the rails. We also have a deck skin that basically stops you from putting big pressure dings in your deck. These boards last forever. I never squish the decks when I have one of these I-Bolic shapes out of the factory.”

Description: When Dan Mann set out to design a board for Slater, he wanted it to be something that would stand the test of the greatest surfer of all time, so he created a board that looks as good as it surfs. The clean, continuous outline is complemented by medium rails and a rounded pintail, making this perfect for high-level ripping in medium-sized waves. Whether you are hitting the lip, wrapping a searing carve, or packing barrels, the FRK’s perfectly balanced design will take you there.

Dimensions: Check the 3rd pic

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