FCS Longboard Fin Adapter

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Convert a single fin box to fit any FCS fin. Adjustable for deeper longboard boxes.

The FCS Longboard Box Adapter allows you to use Thruster fins with your longboard to help loosen up your ride. The attachment is adjustable to compensate for varying depths of boxes.


Change from a traditional longboard fin to an FCS thruster setup in a matter of seconds with the FCS Longboard Box Adapter.

Designed in collaboration with the world's leading surf athletes and surfboard shapers, the FCS range offers a diverse range of surfboard accessories suited to a variety of board models, wave conditions and surfing styles. FCS fins are the preferred choice by the world's best surfers and shapers.

  • Change from a traditional longboard fin to a FCS thruster set up in seconds.

  • Allows your longboard to take a smaller FCS 1 centre fin.