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BOTE Flood Aero 11' Full Trax Aqua Inflatable Paddle Board


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There isn't another SUP that packs in as many features and offers a price point as appealing as this inflatable. Flood Aero 11' Full Trax Aqua Inflatable Paddle Board is practical for most water conditions and an excellent choice for leisure paddling, SUP Fitness, fishing, or even beach days.

Fins, travel bag, hand pump and Aero repair kit included!



The Flood Aero makes a great addition to your beach gear, allowing you to escape the crowded sand and enjoy a paddle just offshore. The Flood Aero has all the essentials to give you and your family a fun day out on the water with all the style that comes with owning a BOTE. The engineering of the entry rocker coupled with the thickness of the rails make the Flood Aero extremely stable in most water conditions.

Constructed with our Aero Technology™ to ensure peak rigidity and performance. Our most entry-level board that still boasts compatibility with BOTE rac systems so you can deck it out to fit your needs. Velcro straps along the rails of the board that allows for quick and easy storage of your paddle when not in use.

  • Dimensions: 11′ L × 32″ W × 6″ D

  • Capacity: 275 LBS

  • Avg. Weight: 28 LBS

  • Construction: Inflatable AeroBOTE Technology

  • Travel Bag Dimensions: 36″ L × 17″ W × 13″ D

  • Loaded Bag Weight: 42 LBS

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