Board Rentals In Panama


for Surfboards

Includes fins and leash. Board bag availability to be confirmed at the time of booking, if needed


for SUP

Includes fins and leash. Racks availability to be confirmed at the time of booking, if needed.

If the customer is renting a board for more than 6 days, you can get a brand new board

This applies only to the NSP brand. For the other brands, the minimum is 10 days.


So, if you're hanging around Panama for a while and don't wanna bleed cash on long-term rentals, here's the deal: grab a board at its usual price, and we'll lock in a "buy back" price. No more stressing over rental costs or watching the clock for returns. Easy, right? 🤙

Here's an example:

  • You're surfing in Panama for a month
  • You buy a board from us for $650
  • We both agree to a buy back price of $300
  • You go, surf and have the best month of your life
  • You bring the board back to the shop in Panama City and get a $300 refund
  • For the 30 days you paid $350 -- that's less than $12/day, vs our regular rate of $35
  • Remember that you're free to sell the board to someone else if you find a better deal, so no strings attached.
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  • Don't travel with your board, here's why: