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FCS Surf Cap


Say good-bye to sore eyes and rosy noses after a long surf session when you put on the FCS Wet Baseball Surf Hat. This handy hat will shield your face from harmful rays and keep you comfortable and protected on the water for longer than ever before. With its under chin strap and removable security cord with rash guard attachment, you can rest assured that your hat will stay with you even during the worst of your wipe outs. Get the FCS Wet Baseball Surf Hat to have supreme comfort and style in the line up.

    • Material: quick-dry microfiber, neoprene, plastic
    • Removeable security cord with rash-shirt attachment
    • Neoprene headband and adjustable straps ensure comfortable fit for long periods in the water
    • Plastic components – Eyelets, fastener clip are non-corrosive



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