Octopus Medium Surfboard Leash (5.5' - 6')

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The Octopus Medium Surfboard Leash is their solid Standard, featuring a 6mm thickness cord, making it safe and secure. Ideal for those wanting that balance of strength versus drag in the water, the easy choice for any surfer on boards around the 6 foot range and below.

This surfboard leash features comfy, neoprene lined ankle cuff, secure velcro closure, rail saver, swivels to resist tangling whilst assisting movement, plus it comes with matching black leash string.

As with all Octopus surf accessories even such a simple thing as a leash can demonstrate desirable design. This all black surf leash features great Octopus graphics emblems to the cuff and rail saver in their signature cream colour way.

  • Octopus brand
  • Original Octopus cast Graphics
  • 6ft Leash Length
  • 6mm Thickness Cord (5.5mm for the 5'5")
  • Neoprene Ankle Cuff Lining
  • Secure Velcro Closure
  • Rail Saver
  • Swivels to Resist Tangling and Assist Movement
  • Leash String included

6ft Leash | 6mm Cord | Padded Cuff